This section provide a UK geographical representation of places of particular interest to Anglo-Sikh History.

Imperial War Museum

pre World War 1

Lambeth Road, London SE1 6HZ

020 7416 5320
020 7416 5457

The Imperial War Museum was founded to commemorate the First World War. Within a generation came the outbreak of the Second World War. As its collections expanded to cover thgese and other subsequent struggles, the museum became the major British mueum of conflict in the twentieth century.

The history of the two world wars is told by the Imperial War Museum. Here there are a number of displays showing the role of Indians in the two World Wars and even a Sikh Tank driver mannequin.

Again the real treasures lie in the Reading Rooms and the Photographic Archives. Available by appointment only, the library is well stocked, excellently catalogued. Documents, books and pictures from the first, but mainly the Second World War. Photograph and film archives are located in Austral Street, just round the corner.


Access to each department is free by appointment. Each has a Visitors' Room which is open during the working week and in some cases, on saturdays.
A charge is made for entrance to displays at all sites.


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