This section considers Important events within Anglo-Sikh history such as early European accounts of Sikhs, the role of Sikhs in the armed forces and pre British Raj accounts.

1600 - 1700 - 1800 - 1900 - 2000


Early Foreign Accounts

Foreign Observances and Letters

Pre 1700
Guru Arjun Dev's Martyrdom by Father Jerome Xavier 1606


Massacre of Sikhs in Dehli from East India Company officers 1716
A Letter from Major Polier - The Sikhs 1776
A Biased Account of the Sikhs by Major Polier 1780
The Sikhs and their College at Patna 1781
Observations On The Sikhs By George Forster 1783
Memorandum on Panjab and Kandahar by John Griffiths 1794
The Sikhs And Their Country By William Francklin 1798-1803


'A Character of the Sieks' from the Asiatic Register 1800
Letter From John Sullivan about the Kohinoor 1850


India and Pakistan Celebrate - Guardian Newspaper 1947
Histories Greatest Migration - Guardian Newspaper 1947

Please Note
The above documents are some of the earliest recorded european observations of the Sikhs. It is important to note that some of the people who wrote these documents had no direct relationship with the Sikhs therefore their writings are based on hearsay and secondary sources, hence some of the facts and historic information are inconsistent. However this information is of significant nature in that it provides an account of the characteristics of Sikhs during this period. Therefore they are purely provided as a research resource which provide an interpretation of early views of Sikhs. All the documents have been annotated and referenced where needed.

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