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Fauja Singh, Bhai

Extraordinary Sikh Hero (1936-1978)

Bhai Fauja Singh was born on 17th May 1936 in District Gurdaspur. His father Sardar Surain Singh was a middle class farmer. After the formation of Pakistan they moved to the village of Gazneepur, which is 6 miles on the Gurdaspur Dera Baba Nanak road.

During his childhood days Fauja Singh always used to be the leader of boys of a similar age in his village. He got baptised while he was studying in the tenth class, but because he did not receive the gift of Naam, the spiritual hunger inside him did not disappear and his mind was always elsewhere. At this small age he disappeared from home for one month and stayed with some Sants and Sadhs. After passing the tenth class he enrolled in Khalsa College, Amritsar, but still his mind was elsewhere. He then again disappeared. His family looked for him everywhere and even advertised in the papers. He stayed away from home for 2 years at the Deras of the Sants and Sadhs to try to satisfy his spiritual hunger. A false Sadh gave him a Mantar on which he meditated for 2 years. Then he was found and brought home and his family again put him into College.

In 1964, he got baptised at a smagam organised by the Akhand Kirtani Jatha. On Vaisakhi 1965 his marriage took place with Bibi Amarjit Kaur and on this occasion Bhai Jeevan Singh performed the Kirtan. At the age of 28 Bhai Fauja Singh again took up the appearance that was most loved by the Tenth Guru. Whoever the Guru blesses, he shows that person how to wear the uniform of Akal Purakh`s Khalsa army.

Bhai Fauja Singh learnt Gatka and persuaded other young Sikhs to learn it as well. He was the best Gatka player in the area and there was nobody around who could beat him.

"I have been in the Jatha for quite a while now and have been lucky enough to meet many highly spiritual Sikhs of the Guru. Bhai Fauja Singh was different; he had Bir Ras and Nam Ras. Bhai Fauja Singh was always ready to fight against un-righteouness and stand up for the truth. Some highly spiritual Singhs from the Jatha told him to just meditate. They did not think that in these peaceful times there would be a need for our peoplc to give "Shaheedi". The Sikhs gave "Shaheedi" at the time of the Gurus because the Hindu Rajas, Mughal and Pathan rulers where trying to destroy the Sikh religion. But now the situation was different. Some brothers even joked about his Bir Ras." (Prof. Gurmukh Singh).

After 1970 Bhai Fauja Singh started doing a lot of Seva for Gursikhs. He worked around Amritsar. He used to spend all the wages he and his wife earned on the Seva of the Singhs. Bibi Ji told us that sometimes he used to say "All the money we spend on ourselves is wasted but the money we spend on doing Seva for the Gursikhs is not wasted and is saved in our bank". Then he would say "The tenth Guru formed the Khalsa by shedding his blood. When this plant gets dried up, it needs more blood. Then the Guru`s beloved ones spill their blood to keep the Khalsa`s flag flying. This cycle comes approximately every 50 years".

According to Bhai Fauja Singh the Khalsa Panth's plant was drying up due to the cycle. He used to say to his companions that there is a lot of disrespect taking place of our religion and future generations will ask what were our forefathers like, who accepted everything quietly.

The words of Shaheeds are special. The spiritual bliss they get from reading verses like "Purja Purja Kat Marai Kab Hoo Nah Shadai Keth" only they know. Bibi Amarjit Kaur said that during his last six months, Bhai Fauja Singh kept saying to her, "Bring a picture of my dead body in front of you. Will you be able to bear it? Be strong and don't despair." Bibi Ji realised that one day he would give his life for the Panth.

Bhai Fauja Singh used to say some very special things and everybody would wonder where he discovered these truths. He used to say that a greedy person could never be religious. To be a religious person you have to be honest and content and live by the Will of God. He had honesty, meditation and contentment. He ate what he received happily, and was never greedy, living by the will of God.

"I first met Bhai Fauja Singh in 1972 at the Darbar Sahib. He did not know me but he said his Fateh to me and met me like we had been old friends. He took me to where he was staying and kept me there for two or three days. During this first meeting he told me something very secretive that I am sharing with the readers after his Shaheedi. He told me that in his previous life he was in Baba Deep Singh's Jatha and became Shaheed at Lohgarh. Now again he has done Shaheedi for the Khalsa Panth in the holy city of Amritsar near Lohgarh. Those that have seen and met Bhai Fauja Singh all agree that he was filled with the spirit of "Mohai Marnai Ka Chow Hai".

Shakespeare said "What's in a name?", but the name Bhai Fauja Singh given to him by his parents, from the Hukamnama of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, was definitely a true picture of him. Bhai Fauja Singh really was a soldier of the Guru`s army in this and his previous life." (Prof. Gurmukh Singh)

In August-September 1977 in Gurdaspur Jail, he wrote a poem under the title of Kurbani. This was probably his first and last poem because as far as it is known, he was not a poet. This poem was written 7-8 months before his Shaheedi. There are two main points that come to light. First is the declining state of the Khalsa Panth. The soul that has met the Khalsa in his last life and gave his blood for that Khalsa, how can he accept the present situation? Even though he was only 42 years old, because he had been doing the Seva of the Khalsa Panth, the one or two events that happened in Amritsar were intolerable for him. The incident that took place in the Misri Bajar in 1972 in which the Guru Granth Sahib Ji was treated with disrespect showed Bhai Fauja Singh's true personality. He was a farm inspector at the time. Even the police were scared to arrest the criminals. Bhai Fauja Singh intervened and caught the criminals and punished them accordingly. He was very saddened by the fact that our Panthic leaders tried to keep the whole incident quiet in case it may lead to some Hindu-Sikh conflict. He could not understand how a Sikh could quietly sit by as somebody was insulting or treating the Guru Granth Sahib Ji with disrespect. He always had one question in his mind, "What has happened to the Khalsa Panth?"

The question arose again on 17th October 1975. The Sikh Sangats were celebrating Sangrand at Gurdwara Bhai Salo Ji. The Langar was being served at the time. Some thugs came and treated the Guru Granth Sahib Ji with disrespect and beat up the Sevadar and Granthi of the Gurdwara. They also made plans to burn down the Gurdwara Guru Keh Mehal that night. When Bhai Fauja Singh heard about this incident in the evening he got together some Singhs and went there straight away.

First they went to see the disrespectful treatment of the Guru Granth Sahib Ji at Gurdwara Bhai Salo and the damage done to the Gurdwara. After seeing this incident the Singhs started shouting "Sat Sri Akal" and went off to protect Gurdwara Guru Keh Mehal. The thugs surrounded the Singhs from tall buildings on all four sides and started throwing stones, bricks and acid bottles at them. Even though the Singh's clothes and bodies were covered in blood, they did not care for their own lives and protected the Gurdwara from being burnt down. After 1972, this was the second painful event to happen at the Sikh headquarters, Amritsar. The Panthic leaders at that time pretended as if nothing had happened and accepted no responsibility even though so much damage had happened at the Gurdwara.

The result of these actions by the Singhs was that the troublemakers now knew that one lion among sheep was more than enough. After this second incident in 1975 Bhai Fauja Singh did not sit quietly at home. Guru Maharaj stopped his daily presence at the office at the end of October 1975. He received money sitting at home, and he assumed this to be God's blessing. He said laughingly in Jan 1978 to Prof. Gurmukh Singh, "Satguru is having his Seva done and is giving my wages from the Punjab Government."

After the 1975 incident Bhai Fauja Singh organised a new programme. He mentioned in his poem that, "the Joth (Light) in the Khalsa was disappearing and we will again awaken it". In June/July 1976 a group of Singhs commenced religious preaching in 10 villages in Gurdaspur over 10 days. Prof Gurmukh Singh was lucky enough to be among this Jatha. Bhai Fauja Singh had a very bad impression from the previous incidents regarding Sikhs living in the cities, and thought that they were not prepared to sacrifice their lives.

So he turned his attention to the villages so that perhaps the sleeping Panth, which was asleep in village life, may be awakened by telling them; about Satguru`s history, performing Gurbani Kirtan and taking Amrit. This Jatha also held Gatka demonstrations. After the Kirtan, Bhai Fauja Singh would talk to the Sangat and this had a good effect on the Sangat. A similar Smagam was held in March 1977 for 15 days at Khalsa Farm, where Bhai Fauja Singh persuaded young Sikhs to learn Gatka and told them of the problems of the Sikh Panth today, they also performed Kirtan and meditated.

During this period, another incident happened which again showed the courage and spirit of Bhai Fauja Singh. The Police arrested a Hindu woman. During her interrogation, the Police officers began to rape her. Her husband, unable to stop her from being gang-raped, went to the magistrates to secure her release and file a complaint about the Police. However they refused to intervene. He then went to various pundits and mullahs for help, but none wanted to go against the Police. Eventually he went to the Singhs. People had informed him of a Singh called Bhai Fauja Singh of Amritsar. Bhai Sahib had become very prominent due to his fearless attitude. He immediately went to see Bhai Sahib, who at once with some Singhs went to the Police station. On seeing the pitiable state of the woman, he immediately released the woman, and severely punished the guilty police officers. Later he was sent to prison for this action. However he showed that the Khalsa which rescued innocent women in Sikh History, is still alive today to save humanity from injustice.

In the poem "Kurbani" Bhai Sahib warns the Khalsa Panth about the disrespect of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib taking place everywhere, which he could not tolerate. He could not accept the insults at Guru Maharaj from the Nakali (fake) Nirankaris. At the end of the poem Bhai Sahib writes that my head is yours, Vaheguru, and I shall offer it to you. Bhai Fauja Singh was a great soldier, who selflessly and joyfully spent his life in fighting against injustice and standing up for the truth.

For over 30 years the Nakali Nirankaris have tried to oppose the Sikhs. They would speak wrongly in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji; they would call the Kar Seva in Harmander Sahib, Bikar Seva; make fun of the Rehat-Rehni; say that Gurbani was meaningless, and insult the Panj Pyarai. Even though all this was happening the Sikh leadership closed its eyes and ears and did not care about the deeply hurt minds of the Sikhs. Because of this stance taken by the Sikh Panth, the Nirankaris grew in confidence. They grew so much in confidence that on the day of the birth of Khalsa, the Vaisakhi of 1978, in Amritsar, their leader sat under a canopy with a fan being waved over him, and held a procession through the streets boasting that Guru Gobind Singh Ji made 5 beloved ones and I have made 7 stars, (Sat Sitaraes).

At this time the Akhand Kirtani Jatha Smagam was taking place and Bhai Fauja Singh was doing the Seva of kneading the flour for the Langar. Immediately after hearing the news he went outside to where everybody was gathered. Together with some other Singhs, he made a decision on what to do and then started the Ardas. This was his Shaheedi Ardas and the last Ardas that he ever did.

Amarjit Kaur, wife of Bhai Fauja Singh Shaheed

On the day of Vaisakhi 13th April 1978 about 125 Singhs went to peacefully protest against the Nirankari procession and against Nakali Nirankari Gurbachan Singh's insults against the Gurus. Bhai Fauja Singh was barefooted and all the Singhs were reciting Gurbani. The Nakali Nirankari army fired at the unarmed Singhs, and Bhai Fauja Singh and 12 other Singhs became Shaheeds and 70-75 Singhs were wounded. After his Shaheedi, the Leaders and Jathedars of the Panth stated that Bhai Fauja Singh and the other Singhs had given "Shaheedi" for the great task from which we had been hiding. They had not only woken the Panth, but also made us stronger, so that we can pay more attention to this in the future.

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Views on Bhai Fauja Singh
This is a small account of the Saint Soldier,
Bhai Fauja Sngh at the age of 42:

His daily routine began by waking up at 2 a.m Amrit Vela. After having a bath he would begin Nam Simran. After Nam Simran he would do Nitnem, the Satguru`s Darshan, Kirtan, Sat Sangat and then he would be happy doing Sewa all day long. Bhai Fauja Singh's house was very close to the Siri Darbar Sahib, for many years so many Singhs and Singhnis used to visit him when going to the Darbar Sahib. The couple lived on the third floor where there were no facilities for water. Every night, before going to sleep, Bhai Fauja Singh would fill buckets of water from the water pump down below and take them upstairs for the Amrit Vela Ishnan of the Sangat staying there. The three flights of stairs were so narrow it was even difficult to walk up them without carrying anything. When we asked him to make some facilities for the water, he would laughingly reply, "Sister, if some other facilities were made available then I would not be able to do this Sewa anymore".

He was always ready to help others by himself or by giving money and his mind was always thinking of the Satguru or the Panth. Laziness, sleep and hunger were never around him.

We used to talk at home amongst ourselves that this was a soul of a Shaheed sent here for a particular reason and when that event has taken place it will go, we could not see it staying for long. Guru Ji gave his blessings and made him give Shaheedi to wake up the sleeping Khalsa Panth and bring back the Khalsa spirit and love, devotion and respect for Satguru. This Singh was always ready to obey the Guru`s orders. It was out of this spirit of devotion and sense of duty towards the Guru that Bhai Fauja Singh immediately got up from doing the Sewa of the Langar and presented himself. He completed the Sewa that Satguru had sent him to do. Bhai Fauja Singh and the other 12 Gursikhs gave their lives to break the unconsciousness of the Panth and to make it stand on its own two feet again. The Panth should uphold the respect of the Satguru at all times.
Bibi Harsharan Kaur Ji, Jullunder

know he was a fierce and brave warrior of the Guru, but I remember him as a gentle and kind teacher. We were so young, and so new to Sikhi, and so ignorant. Bibi Amarjeet Kaur and Bhai Fauja Singh treated us like spiritual children, and patiently taught us and inspired us on the Guru's Path. They wrote the sweetest letters to encourage our devotion to Waheguru. He never chastized us or humiliated us for the hundreds of thousands of mistakes that we made every day - instead there was such a pure love that any mistake was gently corrected and immediately forgiven.
Shanti Kaur Khalsa
"I look to Bhai Sahib Fauja Singh as the standard of the Khalsa"

As we got off the bus in Gurdaspur, Bibi Amarjit Kaur told me to go on to the jail. The three o'clock sun was as blinding as the entry way was dark. I just stared at the man dressed in perfect white bana. He opened the barn-like door of the prison, so I assumed he was the jailer. He was smiling at all the Akhand Kirtani Sikhs as they came in, and as it turned out he was the prisoner sentenced to life imprisonment for defending a raped women.

Bhai Sahib Fauja Singh could not be contained in a prison cell. He was the host of the jail, generating "Chardi Kala'. The Akhand Kirtani Sikhs were in soaring high spirits. His wife, Amarjit Kaur, led the American Sikhs on a tour of the prison. It was a tremendous relief to see that Bhai Fauja Singh was under such light security that he could organise the Gurdwara. He proudly showed us his private cell and the cell next to it for the devoted Sevadars. Such a leader of righteousness could never be put down.

He fought and fasted to attain his cell for meditation. It was a square dark room containing a huge mattress. There was a little hole in the roof but otherwise no windows. The door opened on to a private yard where he set up a stove (one rectangular oil tin) with a round steel water pot on top. This was where he prepared his own food. The walls were yellow painted adobe. It contrasted greatly to the modern red brick walls holding back short haired men ganging together at the opening of the wall to stare at us.

Bhai Sahib Fauja Singh was the light of the prison the inspiration for the prisoners and us! The men re-converted to Sikhism were elevated from prison life. The faith in the Dharma took them beyond their situation. They were eternally grateful to their leader for their new beards. His concern for his fellow inmates was so deep that when he left the jail, they were still a major concern.
Harikrishan Kaur, Espanola, New Mexico

"Bhai Fauja Singh was a very carefree soul. He did not care for his own self nor for luxuries, etc. which we all seem to be gathering today. Once, in a Gathka spar fight with swords, Bhai Sahib was cut on the leg by the other Singh. When some Singhs came to look at the cut, Bhai Sahib told them not to bother about it..but it was clear to everyone that the cut was a serious one. It was about 4 inches long and one inch deep. However to everyones amazement, he continued to fight as if nothing had happened. This was the everyday life of this most special Gursikh.
Master Niranjan Singh Ji, Gurdaspur
"On first seeing Bhai Sahib, I had thought, "This is the first Indian man I have seen who might one day succeed the Siri Singh Sahib". He was a dedicated leader of the highest spirit and most noble character."
Sat Kartar Kaur, Amsterdam
"One of my last days in Amritsar while walking around the parkarma one morning, I noticed a Singh ahead of me. I admired the strength of his projection and noticed the chakra around his head and thought to myself how great it looked. On him. No sooner than the thought came into my head, he turned quickly around, folded his hands and bowed saying, "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ke Fateh" and placed his chakra over my turban as I also bowed. What a surprise indeed. I felt a little bad for thinking such a thing and tried to give it back to him, but he insisted I keep it saying, "It is yours, my sister." All I could say in return was "Waheguru". There is a true bond of friendship we established, that will never go unbroken. Happy am I, that got this beautiful chance to be with them."
Siri Krishna Kaur, Oregon.
"Bhai Fauja Singh was like a gardener who selflessly and joyfully planted seeds in the Indian villages in the hope that the spirit of the Khalsa would be reawakened."
Raj Bir Kaur Khalsa, Oregon
"I had travelled to Amritsar alone and spent most of first part of my stay there very much alone, except for the growing friendship with my only True Friend. When things were down and darkest and my body and soul were crying out for help, a man in a black turban appeared and in his company my spirits soared. He was a shy and very humble person. He later told me when a Guru sees one of his Sikhs in trouble he always sends another to help. Its the Truth! The Siri Singh Sahib inspired me to become a Sikh of the True Guru, however Bhai Fauja Singh showed me by his love and devotion how to live as one.
A GurSikh


Extracts of Bhai Fauja Singh's Letters

Bhai Fauja Singh wrote many letters which displayed his true love for the Guru and the Khalsa Panth. Here are just some extracts of the letters which he sent to American Sikhs. The "Beads of Truth" magazine published many written by Bhai Fauja Singh, along with people's stories concerning their personal experiences with the Akhand Kirtani Jatha in India.

Bhai Fauja Singh, from his first contact with American Sikhs from non-Sikh families saw the manifestation of the prophecy of Guru Gobind Singh being fulfilled. Bhai Fauja Singh relates to the experiences of GurSikhs coming into the Khalsa, and tries to inspire them to spread our Guru`s beautiful message.

Some of us were not fortunate enough to meet him in person, but we have dedicated this issue to that Khalsa spirit which he embodied and for which he so joyfully gave his life. Through these pages you will come to know him, as he will ever live: a hero, a giver and a Saint.

"It is easy to understand how God and Guru were preparing him for martyrdom, during his meditative months in jail. Now let us offer a prayer that we should all take full advantage of the example and the spirit he has dedicated to the future of the entire Sikh Panth." (Beads of Truth, Spring 1978)

Beta Soorya Kaur Ji,
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

We both are Chardi Kala and pray for you to be in the same climbing trend of life. The moment you left us we started receiving affectionate and spiritual waves from you constantly. We have received your second letter and we both are touched to read it. It is representing the same love we expected from you. We are also happy to read that you have remembered your promise of becoming a good child. A real love is that which lasts for ages together. I wish that you should continue to remember this noble promise throughout your life and in next lives also. I may remind you of your promise again in your own words, "I will become better Gursikh of Gursikh parents. If you are working hard and honestly for ideals we congratulate you for the same. I am also very happy that you desire less and I hope you will work and serve the Panth headless. The aim of Guru Gobind Singhs Khalsa is to serve the mankind headlessly. Those who dont take rest and keep busy, they provide rest to the mankind and to provide rest to the mankind is the real object of the Khalsa.

Life is a dream and death is coming soon to disturb this dream. Until and unless we do not come to such a state of mind and realise death before leaving this body we do not actually reach our goal in life. The way of life you have adopted is a blessed and lucky one. Man is instinctive enough to spread his personality and ideas. A bad man living in a bad way will spread dirt to the mankind and a lucky blessed one must impart blessing to the misguided mankind. If the people of America are not hospitable and cosy, you have been sent to this land by the great lord, Guru Gobind Singh Ji, to teach these people to become cosy. If my sweet Lord kindly returns you to India by his sweet will I will be happy and thank Him and learn and share the Khalsa spirit prevailing in you When the world will come to know that the Sikhs like yourselves get up at, they will be amazed and there will be secret mouth to ear talks and discussions about you in the streets, in homes, and in all gatherings. I mean your true lives, practical lives, your sacrificed lives, your devoted lives will un-earth the hidden truth. But those who carve the way of truth on the minds, on the rocks, on the roads and on the entrances of war fields they never desire, never hope and never bother for leisure and pleasure in life. Their lives are a constant struggle and they never stop and rest. Sleeps, rests, oppositions, hindrances mean nothing for them. Their aim is to live a holy life happily, in face of all worldly attractionsbelieve me, Guru Gobind Singh Sahib has sent such type of lives himself to all parts of the world and all these lives will rise in unison and the world will see the beauty and charm of spiritualism. Only then this planet will have a sigh of relief from its sins and problems. Further, believe that you are amongst those specially equipped souls and all unexpected and impossible things will be made possible by you...

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Fauja Singh

Beta Soorya Kaur Ji,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

Received your letters and we are very happy to read that you are trying your best for self-improvement, self-realisation, and meditation and service of Khalsa.

We are very much late in writing and in replying your letters. On this side we were also very busy for expansion of Sikh way of life in the villages, near our Khalsa farm. We went to villages on foot from place to place. People took Amrit in hundreds and promised to live a truthful life. A large number of people are ready to take Amrit. So, this way the process is going on. The people throughout whole of the world have got tired of intoxicants and sins. So they are waiting for an alternative and relief from all these troubles. Now only true and sacrificed lives are required to become a lighthouse for all these misguided, ruined and dark-wandering people. We are giving a dim message to the people but we are gazing at you to carry this message of truth, message of complete light and love to the world

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh
Fauja Singh 6/9/77

Our dear daughter Soorya Kaur Ji,
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We are four Khalsas in this jail, from Khalsa farm (the name of our farm is Khalsa farm). All are, happy according to sweet will of God. We have been involved by the police in one murder case. The whole story you will come to know when you come to India. The previous case of Amritsar is yet unsettled and a new one has started. We are very happy and in Chardi Kala. Your mummy is also in Chardi Kala. All the cases will be settled by our Lord, and ultimately we will win as the moon wins the clouds. Clouds can never permanently surround the moon. God has given us ample time to improve ourselves in this jail

Time is precious. I also request you to forget everything of this world and enlighten your soul in such a way that you are imbued in Nam.

Before the creation of the earth there was darkness everywhere. Ultimately light from God came to light the darkness. Similarly our body is like darkness and to enlighten it there is a need of light from God. This light is actual light and not merely a light of good thoughts. This light is the beginning of our journey to the Infinite. So always seek to be absorbed in the Eternal and Infinite.

Fauja Singh
Hawalati Judicial Custody, Dist..Jail Gurdaspur

Beta Soorya Ji,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ke Fateh!

I have read your letter. Don't think we have not tried for acquittal and made full efforts and also will in future. But, if by the will of God I am kept here it is alright, no harm in it. I am feeling quite blessed here. Enough regular time for meditation and spiritual studies. The walls of the Jail cannot confine the spirit and flow of Khalsa. Khalsa is a bodyless being, he is a fragrance, and the fragrance cannot be stopped by the walls. I simply pray that God should bless the fragrance to me here.

Fauja Singh 2/1/77

Dear Sister Sat Kirpal Kaur Ji,
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

All the system of heaven and earth is going according to grace of God and Guru. And those who get imbued in the truth of His Name are the part of the same vast force. Firstly, with the grace of Guru one gets knowledge of His Name in good company of the Khalsa. He also gets inspiration in the company of Khalsa and practices this knowledge. After a long practice, one becomes a true Khalsa. I mean one becomes true spirit beyond the weaknesses of body (flesh). This is a stage with the grace of the Guru that one sacrifices to preach this true spirit further to the mankind. If he does not feel a thrill to preach further, I can definitely say, one has not yet got the Khalsa-ism. When he attains it, it becomes instinctive within him to preach it.

Then he does not go out under the protection of S.G.P.C. or police of the times. He can face loneliness, he can face separation, hunger, tiredness, piercing sun or cold. He exclaims this truth; he gets insulted if they insult him. He does not mind opposition if they oppose him. He gets dragged, if they drag him. He gets stoned, if they stone him. He can cross the mountains of Himalayas to reach Tibet without any protection on foot to preach. Also, he can cross the dense forests of Brazil for the same purpose, even if he has to sacrifice his life. He does not mind death for the true cause. It is profitable, enjoyable and pleasurable to him to cost him his life for this end. This is really healthy, happy and holy for him.

In the end, I want to speak clearly to you that you should shun your fears of newness of country, people and language. You should move through villages from one place to other continuously for a time. People will welcome you everywhere. But you should not mind even if you are hooted at some place due to some misunderstanding. By a considerable patience you can remove the misunderstanding from the minds of the people. You should keep on smiling in every tense situation. You will see that very shortly people will realise everythingMay God bless you with strength and energy to vitalise your fatherland. We welcome you all to this land. I am sure if a group of 200 Khalsa, white swans go through the villages, it will change the face of this land towards reality.

In the end to all,
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

Your Brother Fauja Singh
District Sudhar Ghar

Dear Sister Sat Kirpal Kaur ji,
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ke Fateh.

Thanks for the visit you and S. Swami Singh have given to us in this home (in jail). I have not been able to discuss any important matters with you as I wanted the message I want to convey to all my friends is like this: -

I am put into this jail neither by the opposition nor by the Sessions Judge, Gurdaspur, but I have been put in jail by Guru Gobind Singh only; not to be punished, but to be blessed. It is a period of complete rest, the like of one always wants. Simply one has to understand the will of the Father. I feel we should go a righteous way and not stop. The harassment caused by those who become our enemies initially and ultimately both are the results of the Supreme planning. We cannot avoid, may we try any harder, any battle in life, any imprisonment, any death sentence. If we stop, we are not Sikhs, and if we continue the truthful way, positively we will come across all these occurrences, like harassments, fights, battles, imprisonments or death sentences. All these are the duties of a Sikh. The sooner he performs the better he feels. Don't feel that struggle is the way to trouble, rather, struggle is the way to a secret peace.

When you give a bugle call it means you are ready. This readiness is the pure spirit but it should be a spirit not a talk. When you talk a thing some people who agree with you will stand by you and those who don't understand you will stand against you. It has always happened and it will happen always. Right will stand by you and devil against you, provided you are righteous. Game starts. You will gather strength day by day. Weaker right on your side will leave you to make you still more pure. Weaker devil on the devil side will leave the devil to make the devil more weak, and ultimately the devil will vanish, leaving you victorious in the play field (battlefield) provided you continue to make extreme sacrifice, i.e. righteous death - a permanent peace.

The aim of life is to see God through Guru. Our Guru is Nanak, Gobind Singh, Guru Granth Ji, Akal Purakh, Ultimate consciousness. This aim can be realised through sacrifice and understanding the will of our Father. So to go a righteous way and self-sacrifice is the media of achievement. So why to save, why not consume our lives for a righteous end? Our Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his parents, children, beloveds and all belongings for Truth, and where are those now who did not allow their children to die for the Guru? All dead. This is to be understood that time passes with its usual speed. Realise the time. How it is. Don't delay, start honestly. We should sacrifice ourselves, otherwise after some time we will have to repent for our slackness and duality. Let us be lions, the Singh Sahibs, to kill the lambs in our own personalities. The moment the lamb is killed in our personality we will blossom in all troubles and in all happiness; a constant joy will prevail in all our motor and sensory nerves.

We have been put into this jail by our own Guru to gain energy and develop potential. Now we are going in a dormancy, safe, peaceful and a most profitable period. The moment He feels that we have been sufficiently blessed and a proper potential developed, we will be released to act and live His own designs and supreme plans for the truth. I may assure you that He Himself sends energy in all odd periods like struggles, troubles, battles, wars, imprisonments, or death-sentences provided we are patient, positive, faithful and heaven-lookers. If He intends, He develops such a peace in the devotee that can never be shaken in any odd circumstances mentioned above. I have not mentioned disease and poverty anywhere as odds because these mean nothing for a Sikh. These are very minor tests for a Sikh, a Singh Sahib, provided His love is with the Singh Sahib.

The journey is successful for those who have met the pure ones, pure Khalsas; they never perish, become pure light, become pure souls and never reincarnate; and ultimately live in God - a constant Amrit peace.

In the end I bow to all of you; I welcome all of you; I wish you for yet more purity, and with tears of love. I meet and depart from you and again see you in supreme peace - an extremely still, heavenly peace.

With love and concern to all,
Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Fauja Singh
A weak Khalsa
District Jail Gurdas pur

TO: M.S.S. Sardarni Premka Kaur Khalsa, S.S. Gurubanda Singh Khalsa, M.S.S. Ram Das Singh Khalsa and all others

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

We are happy to note that you are taking great pains in extending the truth over the world. You have written me that I am released on bail and out to serve for a while; please forget it. I was, never in jail. Kindly, ensure in mind that Khalsa is not a body, it is Spirit. He works and vibrates equally in jail and outside. 1 never felt hampered there. Even the big dacoits in the jail were diverted into Khalsa and they made pledges to serve the Khalsa Panth and those who commit like this are mostly released and this way a stream of good persons from jail to outside is continuing. Don't feel that I will go again in the jail. I was never in the jail and will be never in the jail. I am always in the jail of my dear father Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj. If He wills no force can stop the function of the Khalsa.

Secondly I want to assure you that don't feel that you are segregated or may be segregated from Khalsa Panth. You are a part of Khalsa Panth, Hari Mandir Sahib and Sri Akal Takhat Sahib. You have been accepted by the Guru and no force can take you away from the Guru.

Guru is great, seek help from Him. It is written in the Holy Granth that to seek any help from others is not the way of Khalsa. Khalsa always looks for heaven and heaven is the pool for all energy to Khalsa. This energy has always been coming to Khalsa for centuries and this flow will continue in future. Khalsa never means any conclusion, Khalsa's gait is like an elephant. A large number of dogs bark at him, but he always goes his way undaunted and never hints any attack to them because he feels that they can do nothing to him. Khalsa means a figure of complete confidence and this can never be shattered.

I request you simply to become Khalsa in pure sense. There is written in Gurbani that large forces of the proud kings can be dashed and finished very shortly by the smallest creatures, provided they are blessed by the God and Guru. You simply bother for blessings from Guru and remain very peaceful, God will do all things in your favour. Khalsa knows no defeat. But this stage comes when he wants to happily sacrifice his life. A fully dedicated person will do such things in the world that it will be difficult for the generations to believe. It is difficult to believe that a young man of 25 years can live alive for 21 days without skull. It is also difficult to believe that a person can fight without head. We need not bother much about the organisation we are already very much organised as a part of the army of Akal Purkh. Our eyes are always towards the sky and we are receiving all help at all wanted times in much more amounts than expected. So we are feeling that same will continue in future also.

I am devoting much of my time in meditation and I am feeling and experiencing a big wonder that the needed organisation and all other needed items are coming in the rush, around me.And I am very much sure that the power, organisations, money, command, authority are in the NAM. If we will bear NAM in our heart all these things will come to you and you may use these above points to spread your ego and personality in the world, or you may use all these powers to benefit the earth. Those who will use these powers for personal ends these powers will prove disastrous to them and they will become the 'RAKSHAWA' (GUNDAS i.e. murdering thieves) and those who use for development of Khalsa these powers will become the saints and stars of the earth. So don't worry they are making their way to hell; you make your way to heaven. If they don't become gundas, who will call you saints? If they don't become bad, who will call you good? You are very lucky to become a good and saint. Saints through all the ages have been defended by the heaven.

Is it in our knowledge in any way that the Guru had any news agencies, or press reporters? The whole of the Mughal empires spread over 3 thousand miles kept on a war against the Guru and Khalsa. The Khalsa always kept silent but their personality and spirituality attracted a certain number of headless people. This number at a time reduced to 20 thousand living in jungles and from that number they multiplied by giving tough defeats to the states and capitals of India and also to the invaders of India.

As long as the Sikhs stuck to the instructions of the Guru about spirit, mind, body, they did not see the face of defeats. But when they left the way of Guru, they saw bad waters. Again after realising the real trouble about forgetting the way of Guru, they practised the teachings of the Guru and became strong enough to survive as a complete nation. So I stress the point to live a Khalsa life full of love of God.

I may humbly inform you that God is very much fed up with the Gurudom personality cult systems. He wants direct continuous and affectionate prayers of the human beings. Resultantly I request that Nam is the key of all organisation. I want to write one story about the 10th Master. When in his last war he was stopped by Sarsa Nai (river) there was a bloody battle on the bank of this river. Early in the morning Guru ordered to start the morning prayers and ordered a portion of Sikhs to continue the defense.

Such a risk proves that our Guru came on this earth to give Nam to the poor and needy persons of this country. It is not that he was against the organisation, his forces were the result of the organisation, but this organisation was made by the will of God. So, the fundamental point is to absorb Nam 24 hours. This Nam into the hearts of the brave persons will create a large number of saint soldiers, which is the personal job of the Almighty.

In the end I may assure you that with the Grace of God we will sacrifice our lives for this cause. Every drop of our blood will be shed before you are segregated from the Khalsa Panth. We will bear all troubles very happily and calmly before any harm comes to you in India.

Next you have written about the removal of patits from the Takhats. But at this time there are mainly patits on the Takhats. Sure a time will come that these Takhats will be cleared from the patits but such clarities need pure blood to wash. We are preparing the nations just in the tone of NAM; very peacefully in all rush, and very slowly in all hurry, and affectionately in all oppositions. We are doing in undoing, we are running in rest and organising in all weaknesses of the nationIt is all in the hands of Guru about the place where He keeps us but at this stage we are not intending to come to America. We have got full confidence in your mission there. May God help you to progress there...

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
Fauja Singh/Amarjit Kaur

Source: Kurbani - Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK



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